Allegiant Precast Concrete offers both traditional concrete parking bumpers and UV-stabilized hard polymer lined concrete parking bumpers. Both types come pre-drilled for rebar anchoring (installation) using #4 or #5 rebar and can be delivered with a minimum quantity order of 10 while smaller quantities are available for pickup from manufacturer.


These 6’ long concrete parking bumpers are made weighing 250 lbs each using 4500 psi steel reinforced concrete and given a smooth concrete finish. Allegiant Precast concrete parking bumpers can be delivered directly  with an order of 10 or more and smaller quantity orders can be picked up directly from the manufacturing plant.  Pre-drilled holes allow the use of #4 or #5 rebar for easy installation.

Concrete Parking Bumpers

Available in 6’ and 3’ long options, these Allegiant Precast Plastic Parking Bumpers are made with a hard plastic shell which helps keep the parking bumper from chipping and deteriorating over time.  At 125 lbs each, these plastic parking bumpers are easier to handle and install than traditional parking bumpers. Available in 5 vibrant colors (green, yellow, blue, gray, and white), Allegiant’s plastic parking bumpers have a non-slip texture and can be installed using either #4 or #5 rebar.

Plastic Parking Bumpers