Get $1000 off the purchase of an Allegiant Precast concrete storm shelter if you live in Wagoner County.

Allegiant Precast once again is giving back to the community and this time all residents of Wagoner County benefit. If you are a resident of Wagoner County you qualify for a special program ($1000 discount) that will give you a concrete shelter with installation at the lowest price ever offered.

The owner of Allegiant Precast has been known to say that every home should have a storm shelter and that we (Allegiant Precast) need to make shelters available at the lowest cost possible. This special offer to Wagoner County residents is only being offered through September 1st 2017 so place your order now even if you don’t want delivery or installation until a later date, because now is the right time is to get that shelter installed and ready for the next storm season.


Learn all the details by reading the news article at the Tulsa World 

or call Allegiant Precast directly and ask about the program.